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I love working with other creators! As a storyteller myself, I recognize the value in others' expertise and how it makes my own work better than I ever could have imagined. With experience producing and making award-winning films (13 Minutes of Horror: Sci-Fi, Storage), working with large networks like Shudder, Discovery Channel and History Channel, overseeing funding campaigns, and creating marketing materials for established writers, directors and production companies, I've honed my own skillsets and knowledge over the years and am happy to offer a series of consulting services on a sliding rate scale.

What Clients Say

"It was a true pleasure to work with Kelly. Our branding project was a tough one to pinpoint, with ever-moving targets, but Kelly delivered on what was asked for. Her work was very well done, and we will definitely keep her mind for future opportunities."
- Axon Studios





Need an expert eye on some elements in your latest project? I bring expertise in the horror genre, history and archaeology, and witchcraft, magic and the occult. My rate for a private story development consult includes:

  • Analysis of your current outline, treatment or script;

  • A one-one-one consult session (via Zoom);

  • (1) follow-up session (via Zoom) + analysis of your revised draft;

  • A list of additional resources, customized to your project;

  • Intros to additional contacts for consultation if/when available.



Congratulations on taking the leap into filmmaking! This is an exciting venture, but one that requires organization and strategy. Let my experience as an award-winning filmmaker help set you up for success with:

  • Analysis of your concept, outline, treatment or script, including an estimated budget range;

  • A one-on-one consult session (via Zoom);

  • A user-friendly line budget template for you to outline your project's budget; 

  • (1) follow-up session (via Zoom) + analysis of your revised draft.



I have worked in casting, locations scouting and script consulting for docuseries that have aired on Discovery Channel, History Channel and more! There are many facets to keep in mind when planning a docuseries, so let me be your guide. My docuseries rate includes:

  • Analysis of your current concept or outline, including an estimated budget range;

  • Analysis of your docuseries pitch deck (if available);

  • A one-on-one consult session (via Zoom);

  • (1) follow-up session (via Zoom) + analysis of your revised draft(s).



Financing a film is stressful! As someone who's run her own successful campaign totaling nearly $13K and advised on others with a 100% success rate, I'm primed to help you set up your own campaign in a way that's manageable for your bandwidth. My rate includes:

  • A one-on-one consult session (via Zoom);

  • Working with you to develop a campaign timeline and incentives that you can feasibly deliver;

  • Identifying your project's strengths/hooks and how they may be leveraged in your campaign;

  • Analysis of campaign copy and visual assets, including campaign video.

  • (1) follow-up session (via Zoom) + final analysis of campaign prior to launch.



You've made a pitch deck, but maybe you want some insights on how you can ensure it stands out from the crowd. Pitch decks that I've created or revised for Emmy-winning writers, award-winning directors and indie prod cos have helped attach talent and sell projects. My feedback rate includes:

  • Analysis of your deck, including copy, composition, layout, color palette and graphics;

  • A one-on-one consult session (via Zoom);

  • (1) follow-up session (via Zoom) + analysis of your revised draft.



You have a cool, new concept for a film or series, but you're not sure how to brand/present it. Or maybe you have a completed project, but need some help in developing its brand identity as you move into marketing. My rate includes any or all of the following, based on your needs:

  • Up to (4) one-on-one consult sessions (via Zoom);

  • Up to (5) project name options, with background, reach and competitive landscape;

  • A market-ready creative brief, including themes, messaging and tone, goals and objectives, target audience(s), assets and deliverables, and marketing budget, timeline and distribution;

  • Research (external market and industry viability).

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